Cat Owner? Here's What You Need To Know About Cat Grooming

January 28, 2020

Cats are well-known to be prolific self-groomers, and more people than just cat owners know how much time cats will spend licking themselves during the day. However, cat grooming involves a lot more than simply flattening a rough coat and giving it a decent shine. Cat grooming also involves things like combing through their coat for fleas, dirt, or mites, checking their ears to make sure there are no signs of infections, keeping their nails closely cut so that they don’t rip up furniture around the home, and brushing their teeth at regular intervals so that plaque doesn’t build up and increase the chance of periodontal disease.

King Komb will go over the ins and outs of cat grooming so that cat owners can understand whether or not self-grooming is enough or to what extent they need to step in to help their little feline friends out.

What You Need To Know About Cat Grooming

Why Do Cats Need Grooming?

The reason cats are such prolific self-groomers is not necessarily because they prefer to keep themselves sparkling clean, but because they like to keep their coat covered in their own unique scent. Licking the hair around the body is a sure way for a cat to maintain its personal scent. They’re marking and identifying their territory, and in this case, the territory is their own bodies. Beyond this, however, cats might not be so concerned with removing patches of dirt or bacteria from their coats, and this is why it is a smart idea for their owners to step in and help them out, that way they stay healthy, on top of staying clean.

Cat grooming tools like the King Komb and other professional pet brushes do a fantastic job of moving through even the densest of coats to make sure that every bit of hair is clean. Also, importantly, professional cat grooming tools can remove excess hair from a cat’s coat, meaning owners will find less hair floating around the house and fewer instances of fur balls causing problems for their cats. This is why it is important to purchase top of the line products that don’t skimp on the job. You can keep your house clean and your cat happy and healthy simply by choosing the right brush.

Limits of Cat Self Grooming

Cats can’t be expected to do things like cut their nails or brush their teeth. In fact, most cats struggle to accept these cleaning experience at all, which is why owners have to train their cats over a period of time to get used to the feeling of having their nails handled or their teeth cleaned. These things are extremely important, however, and need to be done on a regular basis, that way cats don’t rip or break their nails on items around the house and they don’t develop serious periodontal diseases. Cats can live long lives, but gum and teeth diseases that are left to fester for long periods of time can take years off their lives and make simple things like eating uncomfortable or even impossible. If your cat doesn’t make it easy to cut their nails or brush their teeth, speak to your veterinarian or a pet expert here at King Komb about what you can do to make these grooming habits more palatable.

Why Do Cats Need Grooming

Why Else Do Cats Need Grooming?

Ear mites can be a big problem for cats young and old and it is important that owners stay vigilant and check their cats’ ears to make sure they are clean and free of bacteria. Beyond keeping their cats clean and healthy, owners should remain involved in cat grooming to develop stronger relationships with their feline friends. We all know that cats have antisocial tendencies, and nothing reverses those behaviors and makes them more apt to be handled and played with than one on one intimate time. Taking the time to groom one’s cat is a great way to develop life-long bonds that will be cherished by owners and cats alike.

Have any more questions or comments about cat grooming? Get in touch with King Komb today or leave a comment below so that our audience can learn what you do to supplement your cat’s self grooming.