KING KOMB™ DeShedding Tool & Best Brush For Golden Retrievers

Is it any secret that Golden Retrievers are among America’s favorite dogs? Everywhere you look, you’re bound to see someone walking one of these beautiful, happy family dogs. But just because they’re so joyful and playful doesn’t mean they don’t come without one or two issues. Like what? Shedding!

That’s right, Golden Retrievers shed a lot. Their long coat needs to be brushed daily so that it doesn’t get out of control, otherwise you’re likely to find that long blonde hair all over the house. Any owner of one of these dogs knows thatGolden Retriever shedding can only be controlled by being careful and dedicated, and also by using the vacuum cleaner a little more than they might like. But the vacuum is not among theGolden Retriever grooming tools you’ll need any longer.

See The Komb In Action:

The best deshedding brush for Golden Retrievers

The best brush for Golden Retriever shedding is the King Komb. Designed to tackle the undercoat and topcoat simultaneously, this brush is the answer to how to keep a Golden Retriever from shedding excessively all over your home, furniture, and clothing. With 51 ingeniously designed rubberized bristles, the King Komb is one brush that is extremely comfortable for your dog, meaning he or she will probably be encouraging you to keep up the habit of brushing them everyday. Golden Retriever shedding is best maintained by brushing your dog gently and carefully. Aggressive brushing is only going to worsen the issue, and it will probably make your dog pretty uncomfortable, too.

Golden Retriever shedding made easy

Golden Retrievers are one of the few breeds of dogs that have a double coat including a thick, downy undercoat and an oily, waterproof topcoat. This combination is what makes them so resilient to the different seasons, and is probably one of the main reasons you see them running around no matter the time of year. Of course, the undercoat changes depending on the season, growing heavier for the winter months and lighter for the warmer months. This means that shedding is most prominent in fall and spring. Any Golden Retriever owner will know that these are the times of year when they have to be most vigilant about keeping their dog’s coat fresh, and the King Komb is the best tool to assist with that task.

The best brush for Golden Retrievers, explained

The King Komb is designed by dog lovers andGolden Retriever sheddingexperts. With an ergonomic design that makes deshedding comfortable and simple, self-cleaning retractable edges, and soft bristles to clean your dog’s coat of allergenic dander, this brush is exactly what you need to keep your Golden Retriever healthy year round. You can use the King Komb for dry use during the mornings, or use it while shampooing or cleaning your dog’s coat withessential or topical oils. It will not cut your dog’s skin or cause any discomfort. Best of all, if you and your Golden Retriever aren’t satisfied with this brush, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You have nothing to lose!

Buy the best brush for Golden Retrievers today!

Don’t make your dog wait any longer. Brushing can be a great bonding experience between you and your pet, and the King Komb can make that happen today. Contact our customer support team, which is available around the clock, and we’ll be glad to assist you with your purchase or withmore information on using our product.

Pet Shedding Management

Say goodbye to all that fur! The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and shedding brush for medium to large sized dogs and horses. It's as easy as Komb, Retract & Klean. WORKS ON ALL BREEDS.

51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander, keeping your pets coat silky smooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Self Cleaning retractable shedding edges
  • Ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy
  • Helps reduce shedding and allergenic dander
  • Facilitates the removal of loose hair from the top coat and undercoat
  • Rubber bristles excellent for massage and dermal stimulation for a healthy coat
  • Use for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils
  • Designed by pet passionate dog owners
  • Does not cut your dogs fur


Every Pet breed sheds differently and, since not all pets are created equal, it is always best to find a brushing motion that works best for your furry friend. The King Komb was designed to brush both lightly and more aggressively on the pet's fur. We recommend you start with a slow back and forth motion then gradually start to brush harder as your pet gets acclimated to the Komb.

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