Our Story

At King Komb, we are motivated by the close love connection that can develop between pets and their owners. This love and passion have driven us to create innovative products for pets aimed at providing owners with all-natural alternatives that promote health and well-being in their pets. Our progressive ideas and deep-rooted passion for improving the lives of pets are the foundation for all King Komb products and what drives and motivates us to be trailblazers in the pet industry.

Our Mission

At King Komb, our mission is to promote pet wellness inside and out. We do this by providing owners with the highest quality organic pet grooming products for pets available on the market, bringing joy to families nationwide as we help them keep their four-legged members healthy and happy. Our commitment to keeping your pet’s healthy doesn’t just stop there. We believe that empowering owners with the right information and resources is also key to maintaining a happy and healthy dog. We offer all types of advice on platforms like our website and social media channels. By equipping owners with high-quality natural pet products and valuable information on pet health, King Komb ensures dogs receive the best possible care available to them.

A Member Of The Community

To further our commitment to keeping dogs and families happy, King Komb often organizes and participates in various events aimed at bringing pets and their owners together. Through events like puppy brunches and group walks in the park, we seek to bring joy to dogs in our communities whether they use King Komb products or not. As part of our dedication to help our communities, we joined the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) as a business ambassador in 2017. As an ASPCA business ambassador, King Komb helps raise funds and awareness for the ASPCA and the organization’s continuous efforts to protect animals across the country.

From The Founder

“We have such a great team of professionals who care so passionately about the pets we are helping and the products we sell. I think this is what people notice most about King Kanine when they meet us,” says King Kanine CEO Jeff Riman.

“The future for King Kanine is exciting. Our goal is simply to be the best at what we do. Our mantra has always been, ‘We don’t need a ton of products, but just a ton of quality.’ This is how we will continue to mold our company and our brand message moving into the future.”