Is Hiring A Professional Groomer Worth The Money?

December 18, 2019

Dog owners of all breeds are constantly trying to figure out the best way to care for their furry friends. For people unfamiliar with owning dogs, it might seem that not all dogs need to be groomed and cared for the same way. The reality is, though, that long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs alike both need to be groomed consistently in order to enjoy healthy lives and look their best. Even though short-haired dogs have less to lose than their long-haired counterparts, they still only have one coat, and that needs to be treated with care if their owners want to walk them down the street and have them admired. It goes without saying, of course, that long-haired breeds also require vigorous grooming, that way their luscious locks remain free from dirt and bacteria and maintain that perfect shine.

Best Dog Clippers

Professional Groomers Vs. The Best Dog Clippers

The big question on dog owners’ minds is whether or not they should hire a professional groomer to keep their pets clean. Is it possible for owners themselves to purchase dog clippers and professional groomer supplies that rival the equipment of pet salons? King Komb is going to explain why it is a great idea to invest in the best dog clippers if you want to save some money and avoid using professional groomers.

Dog Clippers Can Save You Money

Dog clippers like the King Komb grooming tool are designed to do as good of a job keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy as professional groomer supplies. As long as your beloved beast is trained well-enough that he or she can withstand sitting still for a period of time while you groom them, investing in the best dog clippers is an amazing way to keep your dog looking great. It is also a great way of developing an even stronger bond with your pet. When else is a better time to get close to your dog than when you’re sitting with them and beautifying their coats?

There are two main reasons dog owners opt for professional groomers instead of grooming their dogs themselves. The first is a lack of time. Many dog owners work long hours and feel they can’t take the time off or utilize their free time to bathe and groom their pets. The second reason is that many dogs are extremely anxious about being groomed and refuse to sit still. Professional groomers are experienced in handling anxious dogs and have grooming settings designed to make the experience easier on dogs. That said, the professional dog grooming clippers that professionals use are not always much better than what dog owners can get for themselves with a little bit of research. What makes certain dog clippers better than others are things like how well the tool glides through the dog’s coat, how much hair it removes without hurting the dog, how well it can be gripped while in use, how easily it can be cleaned after usage, and whether or not it is limited to dry or wet use only.

Buy the Best Dog Clippers

Dog clippers and professional groomer supplies like the King Komb are considered the best tools on the market because of their ease of use and wide range of applicability. Dog clippers and tools like these can be used on short-haired dogs and long-haired dogs alike, they are designed to be comfortable for owners to use and dogs to enjoy, and they make clean-up especially easy. After cutting your dog’s hair to an appropriate length, using a brush like the King Komb can really make the difference between a mediocre grooming session and an amazing one. Because the brush can be used wet or dry, it is ideal for amateur groomers and professionals alike.

Best Dog Clippers vs Professional Dog Grooming - Which is the Best Investment

Try Both Options and See What Works Best

Dogs enjoy long lives, so why shouldn’t owners be open to grooming their dogs themselves and visiting a professional once in a while? Bringing your dog to a professional groomer is a great way to get a look at professional dog clippers and professional groomer supplies, that way you can stock up and be ready when you decide to groom your dog yourself. Using a professional groomer is also a wonderful way of learning what grooming methods your dog enjoys best. For example, not all dogs will be comfortable being isolated in a small room and leashed while being bathed and brushed. Make use of as many resources as you can, that way you can eventually become your dog’s groomer. After all, you know your pet better than anyone, and odds are they will enjoy spending that intimate time together.

Talk to the Experts

While both long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs need to be groomed, there are differences when it comes to breeds, which is why it makes sense to speak to a veterinarian or trusted pet expert when it comes to deciding how to groom your pet. Some breeds are more prone to anxiety than others, and this might play a role in the decision to groom solo or hire a professional. Remember that the best dog clippers are only as good as the groomers handling them.

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