KING KOMB™ DeShedding Tool For Dogs

The King Komb Dog Grooming Tool

It’s not hard to find a dog brush, that’s for sure. However, finding a dog brush that actually cares for your dog’s coat in the way it needs to be? That’s a whole different battle.

That’s where we come in. We designed our King Komb dog brush to serve as the ultimate dog shedding brush on the market. Not only will our brush keep your pupper’s coat silky smooth, it will do so without breaking the bank. We designed a dog deshedding tool that is easy to use, affordable, and incredible at keeping your dog well-groomed. Below we explain exactly why King Komb’s deshedding dog brushes are the leading dog brushes on the market.

The Ultimate Dog Shedding Brush

51 rubberized bristles work in tandem to ensure that your dog’s coat is getting the care it needs. If that sounds like a lot of bristles, it’s because it is! We didn’t cut corners when designing our King Komb dog shedding brush, and the quality engineering of our product design confirms that. We are pet-passionate dog owners just like you, and we ensure all our products reflect that.

See The Komb In Action:

Choose The Right Dog Hair Brush

Don’t waste your time with a mediocre dog hair brush that won’t do a good job brushing your dog’s hair, won’t de-shed their fur, and/or won’t last. It’s worth it to invest in a great dog shedding brush from King Komb. Our dog hair brush has retractable shedding edges that are self-cleaning, making it a breeze to remove all that loose hair. And unlike some brushes on the market, our brushes don’t cut your dog’s fur whatsoever!

You can even use this multifaceted dog hair brush for bath time! Washing and massaging your dog with shampoos, conditioners, and topical oils has never been easier.

Finally, A Good Dog Deshedding Tool

Like most things in life, all dog brushes werenot created equal. In fact, there is often a huge disparity between the dog brushes typically sold at pet stores and online, versus our specialized King Komb dog brush.

Pro tip: a true dog deshedding tool not only reduces shedding and allergenic dander, but also facilitates the removal of loose hair from your dog’s top coat and undercoat. King Komb’s dog deshedding tool does this flawlessly, complete with an ergonomic design that makes brushing your dog simple, comfortable, and convenient.

The Truth About Dog Grooming Brushes

Dog grooming brushes are a dime a dozen, but a high quality dog brush –– that also acts as an efficient deshedder –– is rare. Finding an effective dog grooming brush that’s also great for massage and dermal stimulation? That’s even rarer. The existence of all of these features (in one super affordable product) is exactly what makes King Komb’s products so beloved by pet owners like yourself, who stumble upon our top-of-the-line dog grooming brushes and never turn back. Trust your pet’s fur with us. Trust decades of expertise. Trust King Komb.

Pet Shedding Management

Say goodbye to all that fur! The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and shedding brush for medium to large sized dogs and horses. It's as easy as Komb, Retract & Klean. WORKS ON ALL BREEDS.

51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander, keeping your pets coat silky smooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Self Cleaning retractable shedding edges
  • Ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy
  • Helps reduce shedding and allergenic dander
  • Facilitates the removal of loose hair from the top coat and undercoat
  • Rubber bristles excellent for massage and dermal stimulation for a healthy coat
  • Use for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils
  • Designed by pet passionate dog owners
  • Does not cut your dogs fur


Every Pet breed sheds differently and, since not all pets are created equal, it is always best to find a brushing motion that works best for your furry friend. The King Komb was designed to brush both lightly and more aggressively on the pet's fur. We recommend you start with a slow back and forth motion then gradually start to brush harder as your pet gets acclimated to the Komb.

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