Five Cat Grooming Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

June 24, 2019

Long Haired Cat Grooming Tips

When it comes to keeping a cat clean, many people think that they have very little to do, and the job rests exclusively on the cat. While cats are notorious self-cleaners, this doesn’t mean that cat owners are off the hook from helping their little felines out. But because not all cat owners know this prior to adopting their pet, they may make a number of different mistakes when it comes tocat grooming, whether that be forlong-haired cats or short-haired cats. Thankfully, King Komb has all the information you need for proper cat grooming

Here are the top five mistakes people make when grooming their cats.

Mistake #1: Not Grooming Your Cat Early On

Cats are creatures of habit. Things they become used to, they cling to, and this applies to grooming especially. If you have a cat and have let it go months or years without grooming it yourself, you’re going to face some pushback when you try to get involved now. In all likelihood, your cat has become accustomed to taking care of its coat on its own, and they may not take kindly to you putting your hands where they haven’t been before. Being unfamiliar with grooming products like brushes and clippers, your cat might be too fearful or skittish to be groomed comfortably. 

If this sounds like your pet and you want to knowhow to bathe your cat, your best bet is moving slowly. Introduce your cat to different grooming tools slowly, let them become comfortable with them, and be sure to invest in thebest cat brush so they feel comfortable throughout the experience. 

Cat Grooming Tips

Mistake #2: Not Grooming Often Enough

More than beginning yourcat grooming practices early, you want to be sure to follow up and brush your cat multiple times a week. While this is important for all cats, it’s especially important for long-haired cats who are more likely to experience matting than short-haired cats. Using aquality cat brush multiple times a week will limit the chances that your cat will ingest and regurgitate hairballs, meaning they’ll get through the week more comfortably, on top of just appearing much cleaner.

Mistake #3: Failing to Use the Best Cat Brush

From our perspective, this is a big one. There are a lot of cheapcat brushes on the market, but very few are designed well enough to do the job well and keep your cat comfortable throughout the process. Before buying just any cat brush, speak to acat groomer you trust or check out products in our inventory. Your cat deserves a brush with soft, rubberized bristles that can remove loose hair, prevent hairballs, and won’t hurt their skin. Another good clue as to whether you’ve got the right brush or not is how your cat reacts to it. If your cat consistently avoids the brush you have,consider getting a new one. 

Best Cat Brush - Cat Grooming Tools

Mistake #4: Forgetting to Make Cat Grooming Enjoyable

Too many people forget that their cats may actually enjoy being groomed. Brushing them correctly and with a comfortablecat brush can send them into a state of bliss. Listen to your cast as you brush them -- are they purring? If not, try changing things up until it becomes obvious that your cat is enjoying being groomed. Nothing makes a cat as happy as a good head or back scratch!

Mistake #5: Not Learning How to Bathe a Cat

Although it is true that cats spend numerous hours of the day licking themselves clean, that doesn’t mean that they can prevent things like ringworm or fleas from taking up residence in their coats. Your cat needs you or acat groomer to provide a healthy cat bath, that way they stay healthy and squeaky clean. And while many cats do often try to avoid getting wet, there are things you can do to make your cat feel safe and secure during bathing. First, consider the setting of your cat bath. Using a sink may be better than using the bath, and using a detachable showerhead might prove more effective than soaking them. Find out what makes your cat more comfortable, and slowly introduce them to these settings until they’re ready to go. Also, make sure you usenatural shampoo so that no unwanted chemicals get into your cat’s skin.

Remember that patience is key! Reach out to King Komb if you have any other concerns aboutcat grooming. Share your stories with us!