Tips For Dog Owners: How To Groom A Dog With Ease

June 19, 2019

Dog Grooming Tools

For many dog owners, grooming can be a real chore because of an anxious dog that doesn’t like to be kept in place for too long. Of course, there are multiple reasons a dog might be against being groomed or bathed. They could have had a bad experience in the past with a groomer or bather who wasn’t careful, they may be afraid of certain grooming tools, or they may just be naturally anxious and can’t stay still.

Whatever the reason may be, we at King Komb can help you turn your dog’s grooming experience around so that the two of you can build a healthier relationship and your dog will actually enjoy getting clean. Whether it is ashort haired dog or long haired dog you’re dealing with, really learninghow to groom a dog can make a big difference in your life. King Komb is here to provide you with five awesome grooming and bathing tips to make things easier for your pooch.

How to Groom a Dog

Tip #1: Line Brushing

While brushing regularly is important for all dog breeds, this tip will be especially helpful for owners oflong-haired dogs. For these breeds of dogs, a lot of loose hair can get caught and tangled in their undercoat, making their appearance a bit mangy and making it more likely that harmful bacteria and dirt that they picked up outside remains in their coat for a longer period of time. Inexperienced dog owners and groomers may make the mistake of brushing any which direction they can, but the reality is, that can hurt the dog and make him or her all the more nervous during grooming. It’s important that you brush your dog in the direction that their hair grows, that way the dog stays comfortable and still throughout the experience. In order to do this really well, you should invest inan effective brush with properly designed bristles to get the job done.

Tip #2: Reward Your Dog While Grooming

How To Groom a Dog

Every dog owner knows that positive reinforcement is the best way to train their pooch to learn good behaviors. If they do something good, let them know! Because so many dogs are antsy while being groomed or bathed, it is smart to keep a set of treats handy that you can offer as rewards as the experience moves along. Learninghow to bathe a dog is easy as long as you’re stocked with treats that your dog enjoys and you’re patient about handing them over. Remember, it’s not about overloading your dog with food every other minute, but doing so judiciously so that he or she comes to associate grooming or bath time with pleasure.

Tip #3: Consider Playing Pleasing Music

Much in the same way that babies are said to benefit from listening to classical music, dogs can have their nerves calmed and find peace by having warm, soothing music to listen to as they’re being groomed or bathed. When people reach out to us and askhow to give a dog a bath, this is actually one of the first things we recommend doing. Classical, ambient, or certain jazz music is great for providing a dog with a calming atmosphere that will lessen their anxiety while they’re being brushed,having their nails clipped, or being scrubbed head to toe withshampoo. Check out different Classical or Ambient playlists online and you’re sure to find something that your pup will fall for.

Tip #4: Use Natural & Organic Products

How To Give A Dog A Bath - Grooming Tips

Being in the pet product business, we find this tip super important for dog owners. It is very easy for people to purchase cheap grooming products that have a lot of advertising power, but the problem is, there are unnatural ingredients within most of those products that your dog might not appreciate. For one, dogs can usually tell by scent if they’re being bathed with factory-made chemicals, and in the long run it’s not good for health, and eventually, they’ll pick up on that. The better quality products you use on your dog, the more likely it is they’ll come to enjoy being groomed.

Not to mention, you also have the opportunity of using natural, soothing tonics to calm your dog while you brush their hair or give them a bath. Place a few drops on a treat or directly on your dog’s tongue, and within half an hour you should notice your dog settling into a more peaceful state. This is a great help when it comes to understandinghow to groom a dog and how to bathe a dog.

Tip #5: Groom on a Stable Surface

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, dog owners should remember to groom or bathe on non-slippery surfaces so that their dog feels safe while being handled. Making sure your dog knows he or she is in a secure space that can’t hurt them is paramount to having a successful grooming session. The last thing you want to happen is to have your dog slip on the floor and hurt itself. After that happens, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to figure outhow to groom your dog ever again. Let them know you’re there for them and that they’re going to be safe. Make sure the floor is dry before getting started and that there is space for them to move a bit if they get a little worried. Remember to proceed patiently!